Wednesday, 22 September 2010

5 Best looking everyman's cars available in the UK today

I'm not talking Ferraris here, I'm talking about the 5 best looking cars for under £30,000 available today.

5. The BMW Z4.

Sporty, aggressive looks, classic sportscar proportions, no space for any uncool kids. Nice. Misses out on being better placed on account of it's price - you'll only get the base model for under £30k.

4. The Alfa Romeo Mito

Again, Alfa's designers know how to produce a stylish car. Very nice, quite stylish, and definitely the best of the lot of the superminis.

3. Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Another Alfa. Quite possibly the most stylish of the cars in their class, proving once again that Alfa have a winning formula for car design. Hopefully their engineering department will catch up soon.

2. VW Passat CC

A good design, a good price. Whack a Merc badge on the front and you would think it was a new model of the CLS. Fantastic design let down by the badge.

1. Audi TT

Fantastic styling, smooth, quality build. The second incarnation of the TT can't be beaten on looks alone for a car under £30,000.

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