Friday, 24 September 2010

Ferrari SA Aperta

I've been trying to stay away from Ferrari and the ilk, in the hope that I wouldn't spend too long perusing cars that I would never be able to allowed within 100 metre of, let alone have sitting in the driveway. Unfortunately, sometimes such marques produce cars that one can't just ignore, but have to pass judgement over.

Not only that, but to make the car even more elusive for mere mortals such as myself, they have limited the production run to 80. Eighty. That's it. Only eighty lucky multi-millionaires will be able to buy one, and they're all gone. So I'm afraid that I stand no chance of owning one.

It is possibly the most beautiful car I have ever seen. Fortunately for the rest of us, Ferraris of today seem to have a tremendous capacity to catch fire or break down, in fact not more than a week ago I passed a broken down, brand new Ferrari California broken down, being overtaken by an open top bus full of tourists who were more interested in the minor celebrity stuck in the rain with the roof down than what the tour guide was telling them.

So while we may not be able to see this car on the road, those of us who enjoy a nice little bit of Schadenfreude every now and then can rest assured that if we do ever see one of these cars, however beautiful it may be, there is a reasonable chance that we will also get to see what an angry, super-rich celebrity lloks like when his damn expensive car catches fire.

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