Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Ford Grand C-Max

Sometimes I wonder if there's any point in having children. I don't have any, and don't plan on it either. Children ruin everything. You suddenly lose your carefree existence and have to start planning not based on what you want to do, or what the child wants to do, but what is practical to do wth a child. So you start chosing restaurants where they market themselves as child friendly. By child-friendly, they mean screaming and running is acceptable, somewhere that if you didn't have a child you would run a mile from.

Some parents have remarkably good discipline and can take their children to a restaurant and they will eat like a normal human being. But for some parents, their children are just too unruly and they have no choice but to live a life dictated not by what they want to do but by what is an acceptable compromise.

And that makes sense. If the parents did what they really wanted to do, the kids would be off to grandma's and the parents would be out for dinner to a proper restaurant, where placemats don't come with crayons. And if children were to choose, it would be going to Ben & Jerry's for three courses of Cookie Dough ice cream.

So compromises are a good thing if you have children. And Ford have realised this.

Not content with bringing the most stylish large MPV there is, the Galaxy, and the best mid-sized MPV you can find, the S-max, Ford also have a decent small MPV, for, er, parodoxically the person who is buying an MPV but doesn't need or want any additional space over a hatchback.

So you have the Galaxy for large families with many children, you have the S-Max for large families with some children, and the C-max for small families with a couple of children. However, what do you do if you have many small children?

Well, now you have a slightly larger, small MPV to chose from with 7 seats for storing up to 6 screaming little brats. Except you wouldn't put YOUR children in the back row, maybe someone elses. Because their heads are dangerously close to the rear windscreen and risk serious injury in the event of a rear end shunt. If I did have children, I wouldn't be happy to even let them in the rear even for a few hundred metres.

The car itself lacks the imagination of Ford's other MPVs, instead being a little plain. It certainly does seem to have borrowed a bit of the appearance from the rather lovely Kuga, but not enough to make this one nice looking. Ford should have risked a bit more and developed an imaginative MPV like the Galaxy or S-Max.

But one thing is for certain - the dash layout is definitely aimed at children. They can go and tell their friends that their mum drives a spaceship, and their friends would believe them if they saw the dash.

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