Friday, 10 September 2010

Infiniti FX

Now this is a car I like. It's aggressive, it's macho. The styling is quirky and it's unique.

My wife DOESN'T like it. Because it's too aggressive, too macho, too quirky. And I see her point. The slanted headlights, the big, giant gaping mouth. Sometimes it's better to be gentle. And when you're buying a car that is clearly intended for those with large pockets, you don't want to get into vulgarity. Otherwise you'll be known as "the twat with the flashy car."

And this is the problem with the FX. It's got so much potential. The interior is absolutely brilliant. But the designers at Nissan were trying too hard to get noticed. They went over the top with the masculinity and as a result have produced a car that looks like you're trying too hard to be a man.

Which is fine. If you're talking about a 2 seat saloon. You're not. You're talking about an SUV. And overt masculinity does not fit with SUVs. Sure, you've got a decent engine in it, but take a leaf from BMW's book. If you want the people with money, you should focus on being conservative with little bits of glitz.

Sorry Nissan, you've got a product that I absolutely love, but I could never own. Next time, a little less flashy, and a bit duller, please?

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