Friday, 10 September 2010

Volvo V60

As long as I can remember, there's been a certain group of people who buy Volvo estates. I couldn't figure it out until recently.

The problem is, Volvo estates are, like many Swedish cars, an odd choice. Expensive for what you get, beaten by German equivalents and difficult to justify.

But then, last week I was driving, and it hit me why someone would chose a Volvo estate. 

It is a statement. It is, how should I put it, an acceptable car. But that's not why you chose a Volvo estate. The statement you make when you buy a Volvo estate is:

"I have children, and that is why I bought this car."

That's right. You buy it not because you have children, but because you want to make it obvious that you have children. You want the world to know that you have children, so you buy a Volvo estate. 

The problem is, with people like that, the world already knows that they have children. Think about it, has a person who drives a Volvo estate ever been late and not used some child-related excuse? Thought not.

This all comes from Volvo's reputation for safety, which frankly is something that is in the past. So your decision to buy a Volvo estate is irrelevant.

As for the V60, it's not terrible looking, it's above average inside. It's a Volvo. It will be good, but not quite as good as a German car. Second best in all categories, but master of none.

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