Monday, 20 December 2010

Mini Paceman

Forgive me, BMW, for picking on the Mini. I know it's supposed to be a small car, or at least it was supposed to be, but this is getting ridiculous.

I have to admit: I didn't get it to begin with.

But after all the snow recently, and seeing all sorts of BMWs stranded at the side of the road, it clicked.

The problem is this - BMW absolutely insisted that all proper cars had to be rear wheel drive. And so they spent a hell of a long time making sure that they had the best rear wheel drive cars of all. But they were wrong. You see, the thing is, rear wheel drive cars are beaten by front wheel drive, which are again beaten by the latest four wheel drives. But the Germans didn't want to lose face, so they developed the X1, the X3, the X5 and all sorts of xDrive combos for their saloons, and are so keen on pushing their four wheel drive models.

But they couldn't admit that they were wrong about the rear wheel drive, particularly when cars are getting smaller. So they bought a small British car maker, and revived the Mini brand.

So now they are trying to expand the Mini range, and have just decided to launch the Mini Paceman, which is a shorter and slightly less practical version of the Countryman. It certainly looks like a Mini, but why would you want to pay a premium for a larger Mini that is slightly smaller?

A little bit pointless then.

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