Monday, 24 January 2011

USA special: Hummer H2

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are a lot of cultural nuances between Europe and America. Some things that are OK to Americans are vulgar to Europeans, and some things that are sophisticated to European are too pompous for Americans.

However, one that is vulgar to Europeans but at the same time getting it absolutely spot on is the Hummer. The civilian Hummer was the brainchild of the greatest American hero of them all, the Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger. You don't see many Hummers in the UK, but if you do they are likely to be long and pink, and noramlly full of boozed up 30-something women with the token gay man thrown in, drinking champagne while screaming at passing pedestrians. And they say American tastes are vulgar.

However, the Americans, in this instance, got class, and instead use their Hummers as family cars. They don't hang out the windows, or drink champagne or anything like that. No, in the USA, the Hummer is as civilised as they come.

And the Hummer is perfect. It is big, it is brash, it is brightly coloured and it does stand out. But in a way that suggests that the peasant in the Corsa may wish to get out of the way very quickly, or risk being crushed to death. Of course, everyone knows that wouldn't happen, but the merest hint that the Hummer could crush all oncoming traffic without even stopping for a breather is enough to ensure that your road presence is felt, and the roads remain a breeze to drive along.

Of course, the styling suits every man in the world. The only problem is, after everybody taking you seriously on your way to the all-important business meeting, noone will take you seriously when you step out of it.

So, the Hummer is a fantastic car, but could you drive one without looking like a big kid? No.

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