Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ironic car names

There are some cars which have been given the most ridiculous names. For example, why is it that after you get stuck for an hour and a half on a country lane, you finally get to the front of the queue to find that you spent all that time behind a car which has been monikered the "Suzuki Swift"?

The Japanese are either mocking us or have absolutely no sense of irony to their names.

I mean, when you are stuck behind a car, getting angrier and angrier, what could be worse than the car they are driving advertising that, despite your hatred and frustration, the blue-rinser in the car in front feels "Sunny". They enjoy you being stuck behind them. Because they have a Nissan Sunny.

Of course, it's not just the Japanese. The Czechs have the aptly named Superb, which, in all honesty is an excellent if dull car. It is actually bordering on being Superb, but it's incredibly arrogant to call the car Superb.

The best example of this phenomenon though is from Britain, and is not just the car name but the entire Brand. What would you call a failing car company? Triumph.