Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mercedes SLK

I have to admit it - I get my back epilated. Now I'm married, and there's no ambiguity about my sexuality, but I do prefer to have the small forest removed from my shoulders.

However, 50 years ago this would not have been an option for most men, who would have been called "poofs" if they didn't have grease under their fingernails or work in the pits. Times have changed however, and not everything that would previously have been thought of as a "bit gay" suggest someone's sexuality - far from it, if anything this new liberalism has taught most people that such things are absolutely no indication of homosexuality.

So back to the Mercedes then - also known as the "SL Gay". The last two versions of the SLK did have a reputation as a bit of a girly car, and as a result, most of the people you saw with them were women. Since then, however, Mercedes launched the absolutely stunning SLS which hints at the direction the designers are taking. The new SLK definitely seems to capture that design philosophy, and is rather attractive.

However, for any convertible, there is always one test of whether it is a well designed car. Can you picture Arnold Schwarzenegger fleeing an explosion in it with some heavy metal playing in the background? If the answer is no, then I'm afraid it does not live up to its potential as a convertible.

Think about it - Porsche Boxster? Yes. VW Eos? No.

BMW Z4? Absolutely. Fiat 500C? No.

Audi R8? Yes. Mazda MX-5? Probably not.

So can you picture Arnie driving this? No, I'm afraid not. He'd be too busy driving the Z4 instead.