Thursday, 1 December 2011

Seat Mii

I'm sure that you know one of those people. People who only ever talk about themselves. People who, regardless of the story you tell, they've done one better.

I used to work with someone like that. It got to the point where nobody wanted to speak to her because she was so self-obsessed that ANYTHING that was said would immediately be trumped with her experience. 

She saw the whole of the moon, in the words of the Waterboys.

And now it seems that Volkswagen have recognised this niche and named a car specifically for these people - the "Mii".

That's right, by buying this car they have yet another opportunity to bring "Mii" into the conversation.

The car is nearly identical to the previous Lupo/Arosa. Nothing of interest, especially not the name.

And I imagine that it will sell well in bright yellow. Anything to draw attention to "Mii".