Monday, 30 July 2012

Hyundai Santa Fe

OK, I'm going to declare an interest here.

I like the outgoing Hyundai Santa Fe.

And I like the new Hyundais.

In fact, to be honest, my Lexus RX is coming up for retirement and I was waiting with baited breath for this car to arrive.

However, I'm disappointed. To be honest, I'd rather buy an ix35 than this.

Hyundai have retained the Santa Fe title because the outgoing model had a bit of a fan base behind it. But I'd rather that they scrapped the whole lot and just made a slightly longer, bigger version of the ix35 that I like with more kit inside. That, I would buy.

But this, this looks like they've taken the front off the old model and put some plaster of Paris on before gouging it with a chainsaw.

It's not pretty. In fact, it is uninspiring.

The ix35 was brilliant in design terms, the i30 is great. The i40 is another fantastic saloon, and even the slightly odd Veloster is growing on me.

But, I'm afraid, Hyundai has lost a sale with this. I can't be seen in something so hideous, I'm afraid.